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Want To Sell Your Whisky?

WeBuyOldWhisky is a website dedicated to helping people sell their collections of old and rare whisky.

Our team is always looking to buy old and rare single malt or blended Whisky, Bourbon, Cognac, Armagnac, Rums and other Spirits either in the bottle or still in the cask. We are particularly interested in unique collections.

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As a general rule we are always interested in buying any casks, old Macallan (pre-1970), Macallan Fine & Rare, Macallan Lalique decanters, Macallan blue box 30 year old, old Dalmore, Springbank, Ardbeg, anything old and sherry finish, any old decanters, Port Ellen and closed distilleries, commemorative bottlings, cask strength bottlings, anything pre-1950 and any Japanese whisky such as the Karuizawa, Yamazaki, Hibiki or Suntory brands.

We also purchase casks given the right conditions. If you are an owner of a cask and are considering selling your cask please visit our Sell Your Whisky section for more information.

Unfortunately, we are not interested in buying single bottles that have been recently released unless they are very rare and of high value.

If you have an item you think we may be interested in please feel free to contact us using the form available below. You can also check out our frequently asked questions section that may answer some queries that you have regarding this process.

We hope you enjoy our web site and look forward to hearing from you !

Sell Your Whisky

If you would like to sell your bottle(s) or cask(s) then we would love to hear from you. The best way to do this is to use our contact form at the bottom of this page. When you contact us please attach a picture using the form as this is important for us to judge the quality, condition and value of the item.

Please note that we cannot make an offer without at least one picture. Your picture(s) should include a full length image of the bottle and the closure of the bottle (i.e. cork, capsule or screw cap). The fill level and the condition of the label should also be clearly visible in the picture. It’s also important that you tell us if your bottle has a box or certificate included and, if it does, then show us that in a separate picture.

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Any additional information you can provide such as the history or provenance of your item is always particularly helpful as is information on how and where it has been stored during its time.

Cask Purchases

We offer excellent advice on the best way to sell your cask of whisky or rum and can take care of everything from preparing all the necessary paper work, movement of casks to our warehouse, and, of course, offering a fair market value.

We need a small sample from each cask we buy and it is the seller’s responsibility to provide this. When a sample is drawn we ask that the seller instructs the distillery to regauge the cask as this allows us to give an accurate valuation. Once we have conducted a tasting we can make an offer to buy your cask and complete the transaction very quickly.

Finally, please be aware that we receive dozens requests every day and, although we do our best to answer them as quickly as possible, sometimes it can take some time to reply to you. In extreme cases, where we need to make enquiries regarding your particular item, it can take up to thirty days to get back to you although this is, like the whisky we buy, rare.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently rewriting our FAQ section, please check back later.

Contact Us

Need to get in touch with us? You’re in the right place! The form below will enable you to send us a message and also upload the pictures of your item so that we can inspect them.

Please try and tell us a price guide in Euro that you expect.

In certain circumstances we may ask you to travel in Europe to hand deliver the bottles to be paid so we can validate them. You may also send them by DHL or similar at your risk and cost and once we validate them we will transfer funds immediately and reimburse all courier fees.

Due to the number of requests we get we cannot promise to answer every one, if you do not hear back from us in thirty days we thank you for contacting us but unfortunately are not interested in purchasing your item.

If you would like to sell your bottle(s), please enter your details and attach a picture. Please be advised that we cannot make a valuation without at least one picture. Your pictures should be clearly visible and show a full length image of the bottle, the closure of the bottle (i.e. cork, capsule or screwcap), the fill level and the condition of the label.

Please also tell us if your bottle has a gift box included and show the box in a separate picture.

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About WeBuyOldWhisky

WeBuyOldWhisky is the purchasing arm of a well respected global company that specializes locating and securing whisky and other spirits for its client base. We are privileged to act on behalf of many of the world’s leading collectors.

We’re a family run company who have bought and sold many bottles and casks over the years for and from private individuals. We’ve found as time has gone on that there are more and more people looking to sell their bottles, collections and casks, but don’t know where to start. WeBuyOldWhisky is here to make it easy for you.

Please contact us if you are in the market for selling your items. We’re European based but have a network of global representatives that can, will and do pay cash if needed.